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Indivar Gerald Bronstein M.D. and Chaya Mueller Bronstein have enjoyed living and meditating together for the last 28 years.

They are working together to offer meditation groups, events, and trainings. With more than 30 years of experience in the practice of meditation, they have facilitated numerous Mystic Rose Meditation Groups in India, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Greece and Canada as well as No-Mind Meditation Groups.

They are senior teachers at the Osho Institute of Meditative Therapies where they teach facilitator trainings.


Chaya Mueller Bronstein

Chaya Mueller Bronstein was born in Switzerland, she attended the Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich and graduated with B.A. in Primary Education. After teaching for a number of years in Switzerland and Italy, she moved to India, where she lived for seven years to study and practice meditation with Osho.

She completed the Mystic Rose Facilitator Training in 1991 in the Ashram Poona India, her trainer was Leela Itzler, whom Osho put in charge of the Mystic Rose Meditation, when he originally gave the process in 1989. Since then Chaya she has facilitated many Mystic Rose Groups in India, USA, Switzerland, Canada and Greece as well as No-Mind Groups..

Her further education includes Rebalancing Massage and Training in Holistic Bodywork. She completed many courses in the healing arts such as: Subtle Body Healing, Chakra Reading, Tibetan Pulsing Energy Work and Breath Therapy. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, where she works as a intuitive psychic reader, massage therapist also offering energy and breath work. She is teaching meditation-events, meditation-groups and tarot. She is a senior trainer of the Osho Institute of Meditative Therapies, these energetic cleansing processes are one of her life’s passions.

Chaya Mueller-Bronstein
Indivar Gerald Bronstein

Indivar Gerald Bronstein M.D.

Indivar Gerald Bronstein M.D. grew up in Canada and studied medicine at the University of Manitoba. He has been a disciple of the enlightened master Osho since 1977. He worked and studied, practiced and taught meditation in the ashram in Poona, India and Oregon and then with the Osho Academy in Sedona, Arizona.

During this time he has been a medical doctor in many places, in the various communes and in Sedona for many years in the Urgent Care Clinic.

He is Senior Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer of the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy Groups and the No-Mind Meditation Groups. He also has been a leader of  men’s liberation groups and a variety of other group processes for many years in India, Italy and USA.

Since the early 1970ies he has been a wonderful palm reader and a teacher of palm reading classes.

While in the ashram in Poona, India he has been a facilitator of the Meditative Therapy Groups groups from the time Osho introduced them in 1989. He has led Mystic Rose Groups over 20 times in India, the US, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Canada. The Mystic Rose is one of his deep loves and passions.


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